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client testimonials

"Since my consultation I can express and articulate what I want engaging whoever I am speaking to, defining myself and Halos n Horns giving them the information they require."
- Lelia Wilcox - Halos n Horns

"I found it most significant when considering one can simply, easily and quickly change their belief of their own self image if they now how."
- David Clutton - Media Geezer

"Not only does my brand convey the benefits I offer to my clients, but it expresses my purpose, which is in fact the ultimate benefit that I can provide. This clarity is already resulting in new business."
- Michael Beddows - Catalyst Dynamics

"I'm having more confidence in what my consultancy business is about, and not needing to justify all my experiences to potential clients."
- Paula Arkell

"I understand now that I am very capable and have a high value; Dawn also helped me understand that I needed to develop a structured approach and a plan for my career."
- Architect

"an authentic energy and enthusiasm at all times made it a joy to pick up the phone. Most impressive however was your ability to make very subtle interventions in a conversation that created a great space for me to explore."
- Linda Jane James

"The most helpful suggestion/advice or comment I received was to fly above it all and looking beyond the immediate. To realise my vision. And of course it's not about me, it's about what I achieve."

- Kelli - Client Services Director

"You have this amazing ability to look in great depth and identify the key issues... all within just 1 hour! Really amazing skill... you are certainly a great inspiration for me..."
- Business Development Manager

"an authentic energy and enthusiasm at all times made it a joy to pick up the phone. Most impressive however was your ability to make very subtle interventions in a conversation that created a great space for me to explore. I love the fact that you gave so freely of your energy to help me sort my own stuff out. You leave me with your energy - not your voices. I feel I have created myself and you let me do that."
- Linda Jane James - Artist

"I would recommend i-define to anyone who felt they needed any sort of motivation or direction. Although I went to i-define for my career, I believe that it can change your whole life and affect your happiness and wellbeing in many areas."
- Karyn Shufflebotham - London

"Working through the i-Brand process has enabled me to re-connect with my essence and communicate a personal brand that now feels consistent and authentic."
- Andii Lindsay

"'Motivating', 'focused' and 'inspirational' are the minimal words I've used to describe the interaction I had with Dawn Winder at i-define living... I have already used some advice given and put them into play with my marketing. I am already seeing the benefits."
- Valerie Lothian

"I would recommend Dawn Winder to anyone, as she helped me realise what I wanted to do, and in the process I have become more confident and self-assured."
- Charlie

"Thanks to i-define living I am living my dream of being a professional artist and making money from it too! Something that I never thought I was capable of before. I recommend Dawn Winder... her enthusiasm and confidence is contagious!"
Claire - Artist

shameless fans

"WOW! What can I say... I'm gob smacked! I just received the latest issue of 'inside out' and immediately clicked through to your blog, Shameless Communication. Yes, I'm really, really impressed and I'm sure that your other subscribers will be a-m-a-z-e-d as well. Yes, I'm a Shameless Fan!"
-Terry Russell

"One of the best designed newsletters out there, I can tell you... you give me inspiration."
- David Mcqueen

"Dawn Winder is one person who understands how deeply a person's image reveals their values and beliefs, and how powerfully this can influence the connections we make. Just as every company has a brand (whether it's conscious or unconscious), we all have our own brands that we need to own and love and nurture. I see Dawn as the first of a new breed that can help guide us to rich rewards."
- Ben Hunt - Scratchmedia

what professionals are saying about personal branding

"As a new mother to be, personal branding enables me to re-enter the working environment with confidence and a strong creative vision."
- Sarah - Interior Designer

"Having your brand defined, at least in your head, helps you market yourself boldly, strongly, even provocatively if necessary. Think about what you represent. You don't just sell financial products; you offer security and trustworthiness. You don't only own a hair salon cutting hair; you offer a fabulous new image and a fresh and creative look. Think about mobile phone adverts - very few of them actually have a mobile phone in them but hint at aspirational lifestyle statements! It's a technique that works."
- Paula Gardner - Do Your Own PR

"Personal branding is an intriguing concept. And a great way of adding a bit of oomph to your career, your business, your job search... your everything, really. The elements are pretty much the same as product branding. Only instead of promoting products or services, you're the one who's taking centre stage. And let's face it, in today's noisy, overcrowded marketplace you have to do more than shout to get noticed."
- Tracey Dooley - MediaMinister

"I think that personal branding is something that all freelancers and certainly most self-employed service orientated business owners should consider, and yes I do think that it will be beneficial to our visitors."
- Ben Botes - 1st Business Coach


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