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testimonials - organisations

"We have thoroughly enjoyed a two year relationship with Dawn Winder, that has helped transform our departmental brand image and provided the tools for successful relationship management with our customers and industry partners."
Group Internal Audit - Friends Provident plc

"I just wanted to say a huge 'THANK YOU' for your help with our seminars and I really hope that you enjoyed them and found them useful from a professional perspective too. With respect to feedback from the attendees, I am delighted. Almost 100% thought that your presentation was excellent and that the seminars were extremely useful and something that they'd recommend to their friends."
- Emma McLaughlin - Marketing Managing - handbag.com

"It was the first time the team had done a group session and also one that focused purely on personal branding. I see the sessions as part of an ongoing program.

The session triggered in us the need to view ourselves within the context others, and additionally how we are also individuals with our own habits, goals, hobbies, strengths and weakeness' etc.

As a result the team is thinking a lot more about their own unique qualities, and how they can best focus on key strengths, whilst working on the not so hot things. A couple of the guys are now more aware of attributes in their behaviour that may inhibit them from meeting their career goals, whether they chose to do anything about them is to be seen. There is also a lot more sharing going on."- Kelli Hunter - Client Services Director Square One Publishing

"Thank you for a great presentation yesterday, the overall feedback from the group was well received and very positive."

"I found you to be a professional yet bubbly presenter who came across very positively. Able to rise to the challenge, work to tight deadlines and deliver." - Claire Lloyd ICA

"Dawn has an excellent and personable approach towards her subject matter. As well as being a complete professional she actually know hers stuff and delivers with impact. I would definately use her again! - Sandi Philips London Borough of Camden

"Thank you Dawn for your contribution to our event. The entrepreneurs who listened to your presentation were quick to praise the content and delivery. Feedback has been very positive" - Dr Martin Bouette - Project Manager - Entrepreneurship, The Surrey Institute of Art and Design

"I would love to work with you in the future again! You were very energetic but clear at the same time, and lots of my clients commented on the practicality of it and felt a lot more at ease about networking!" - Patricia Van den Akker - CIDA

"Thank you so much for the presentation today, we hope it brings you lots of useful contacts and much work, and certainly there were many people who attended the lunch and not the presentation, who wished they had from all the chat and vibes from your session!" - Jackie Groundsell The Women's Company

testimonials - workshop attendees

"I just thought I would send you a quick email to say thank you for your Networking taster workshop. I really enjoyed it and got a lot from the short session. Its given me a lot to think about to take forward into networking." - Sam Wood

"Hi dawn - thanks for the course - 'twas most useful, and I'll even try and practice some of what was preached!" - Grant Wilkinson

"Thanks a million for putting together an excellent learning [and sharing] event. I appreciate the quality of your work, but most importantly the 'digestable' manner in which important subjects were treated. I'll be applying everything learned today - and you'll be proud of me ;-)" - Charles daCosta

"Thanks again for a brilliant workshop on Friday. Very useful, and great fun." - Designer/Consultant

"Thank you for such an interesting and enjoyable networking presentation. It was a good evening, and look forward to seeing you again." - Angela Bedford - Angie-B

"Thank you so much for such a useful presentation yesterday at Goodenough College. Even though you had only a couple of hours, a lot was covered and your handouts are extremely useful as they allow us, participants, to try and 'digest' all that info./tips ... at own pace." - Larusi

"Great session yesterday, very interesting and thought provoking. it's given me lots of ideas to get on with! Thanks for making it a worthwhile event." - Andrew

"I just wanted to let you know that I found your talk very interesting and informative. I can't promise myself to take everything on board immediately but I am definitely more aware of how others may see me and may need to alter some peoples preconceptions." - Nadine BBC

"Yes I am going to follow up leads and get more confidence! Thank you." - Linda Gebhart

"Really useful. It is exactly the sort of course I needed. It has encouraged me to develop my confidence." - Hannah Holden

"Well presented clear & concise and very friendly - Thank you!" - Emma Osborne

"You have a great talent for inspiring hungry minds." - Sabrina Shirazi

"The materials and presentation were great, very enjoyable, thanks very much." - Nick Reed


i-define brand process

Step 1 - discover
Discover your vision, purpose, core values and functional assets.
Step 2 - communicate
Communicate your core values and functional assets quickly and confidently.
Step 3 - define
Define who your market is and where you want to be seen.
Step 4 - create
Create a strategic plan for achieving visibility and consistency within your marketplace.

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