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the i-define process
a proven business communication programme

i-define uses the following 4-step process, which utilises the latest business communication tools including personal branding, self promotion and coaching strategies. We train and coach clients on how to confidently pitch ideas , engage with credibility and present with impact.


step 1 discover
step 2 communicate
step 3 define
step 4 create

discover Back to top

The i-define™ process helps clients to become distinctive from the inside out. In order to develop your personal brand, you have to discover who you are and what differentiates you. This is done by discovering your core values and functional assets. These are the things that make you the person you are and can be utilised to add value to your employees and clients.

core values: what you stand for, ideals passions and aspirations.
functional assets: skills, abilities and characteristics.

Want to understand your strengths and assets? Visit coaching and consulting for more information about our one-to-one services.

communicate Back to top

You are unique. Although, being unique is not a deciding factor for employers and clients, who want people who exude their personal brand and express it well. People don't have time to figure you out. You must communicate your core values and functional assets quickly and confidently.

Once we've discovered your core values we need to look at how you currently communicate them and how they could be communicated more effectively.

We offer consultations on communicating and pitching effectively. Visit coaching and consulting for more information.

define Back to top

The third step is defining your vision and direction. We need to look at your current position within your marketplace and the higher position you aspire to achieve. Your marketplace is simply the environment in which you operate and compete on a daily basis. Think about your job/business role and consider all the other people who are competing with you to get ahead in the same career.

Knowing where you are and where you're going will help you to step out of your comfort zone and focus on your key objectives.

Working together, we will define your current market position and consider the reasons why you haven't achieved that position yet.

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create Back to top

With your brand values in place and a clear vision for utilising your brand, we will work together to create a strategic plan for achieving a higher, stronger and sustainable position in your marketplace. You will be the Director of your brand; generating opportunities, turning negatives into positives and creating a portfolio of successes.

You will live, breathe, walk and talk your brand with absolute confidence.

To create effective business communication skills visit the training and seminars page.

i-define™ programme benefits:

  • Establishing yourself as an expert in your field
  • Confidence to clearly communicate the elements that make you different
  • Establishing strong networking relationships
  • Creating strong loyalty from those you work with
  • Setting and achieving personal and professional goals
  • Creating a message that is compelling and enticing, to help draw people to you
  • Improving presentation skills
  • Greater visibility and credibility
  • First choice for working on interesting projects and assignments

All of the i-define courses, one to one programmes and seminars have elements of the i-define™ process.

Some of the topics included in our programmes are:

  • presentation skills
  • effective business communication
  • personal presentation skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • overcoming anxiety
  • creative presentation
  • overcoming difficult conversations
  • public speaking
  • making presentations
  • people skills
  • interview skills
  • interview techniques
  • self promotion


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