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Press: latest articlesIf you would like expert opinion on your news story or feature article, business confidence and communication expert Dawn Winder is available to provide comments to the media and press on various aspects of business communication skills, effective networking, natural presentation skills, job interview skills, personal branding and self promotion .

Dawn has provided training courses, coaching and key speaking to companies and organisations including; Friends Provident, BBC, London Mayor, Diageo, and Boots owned magazine handbag.com with Barclays Bank. Working with 100's of people including; client facing professionals, sales teams, entrepreneurs and managers she has created a large subscriber audience for her newsletter 'inside out'.

She believes that within the first 30 seconds you must be able to come across as genuine, insightful and someone with credibility. To do this you have to know who you are and what makes you unique. You must learn effective ways to cut through the marketing 'noise' and communicate with impact to create opportunities.

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i-define press coverage

She Magazine

Dawn asks "Are you in the middle of an identity crisis?" in an article for She Magazine.


Finance & Management Magazine

Dawn writes an article on creating and imapct with personal branding for Finance & Management Magazine.


Pride Magazine

Dawn writes an article on why Branding has become personal for Pride Magazine.


The Sharp Edge Magazine

Dawn writes a two page spread on Corporate Social Responsibility for Duncan Bannatyne's magazine 'The Sharp Edge'.


The Sharp Edge Magazine

Dawn writes a three page spread for the launch issue of Duncan Bannatyne's magazine 'The Sharp Edge'. A new business magazine that is aimed at entrepreneurs.


London Fashion Forum Magazine

Dawn gives tips to the fashion industry on creating a personal brand identity in the 'London fashion Forum' magazine.

An interview with...

Interview with Duncan BanatyneHandbag.com

Dawn interviewed Duncan Banatyne

Interview with Rachel ElnaughHandbag.com

Dawn interviewed Rachel Elnaugh

Interview with Sam RoddickHandbag.com

Dawn interviewed Sam Roddick

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  "I've subscribed to your newsletter as I feel that it has some very valid and interesting information/view points, I don't think I've seen a website like this before and I think it would be a useful asset to any creative, especially as the industry can be very intangible and very much down to self belief and branding as you rightly say."
Ben - Designer

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