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Dawn Winder - personal branding expert and certified professional coach

about Dawn Winder
Founder and Director of i-define

When you think of someone you consider to be a 'professional', or a person you admire in your own organisation or even industry, what image springs to mind? Is it their reliability, skills, innovation, or trustworthiness? Whatever those attributes were that you pictured, that is their 'personal brand'. It is based on how you expect them to behave and who you know them to be.

I am a specialist in the area of Personal Branding and business communication skills. I strongly believe that developing an authentic personal brand for your career gives you the competitive edge and wins you loyalty and respect within your chosen field.

My background

After graduating with a BA (hons) in Design, I worked in Business Development and Marketing in predominantly networking roles to raise awareness of the company brand. My last employed role was within a creative recruitment company where I worked as a Business Developer/Marketing Executive. It was there that I noticed the frustration of my clients, who found it near impossible to recruit experienced and professional client-facing communicators who would be dynamic and confident in their delivery.

After working with the candidates to help them with their interviews I finally made the decision to train as a certified professional Coach and use my passion for design, branding, and interaction with people to set up a business.

In 2004 I started i-define, and over the years I have coached and trained hundreds of people including senior executives, managers, client-facing professionals, sales teams, and entrepreneurs.

Using my experience as a coach and my knowledge and understanding of sales, marketing, recruitment and design, I developed a unique four step training programme: the i-define™ process. This process is based on understanding the needs of both the business and the individual.
I teach clients how to manage their careers successfully and present themselves with impact, relevance and confidence. The unique coaching and training programmes I develop use the latest business communication tools including coaching strategies, NLP and personal branding. They are creative, interactive, and make learning enjoyable. 

I strongly believe in Continued Professional Development and I undertake regular training. I am an NLP practitioner and have achieved the Train the Trainer Foundation Award from the Institute of Leadership and Management. I am also a member of my local CIPD committee where I contribute to the professional development of my peers.

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  "Today the stakes have reached a new high. The social fabric is spread more thinly than ever. People are looking for new emotional connections." - Kevin Roberts, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi  

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