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Dawn Winder has written a range of articles that cover the topic of Personal Branding and communication. They are free and full of tips and strategies for you to use.

The articles are in PDF format so you can easily print them off and read them at your own convenience. We frequently update this page, so please come back to read the new articles.

i-define living is happy for you to share the articles with friends and colleagues. However, if you wish to copy any of the articles to use in an email, publication or website, you must include the i-define living company name, copyright, author and website address.

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Business Networking

Business networking is something that has become a hot topic over the last few years. It is not
just essential for business owners, we all need to understand networking and appreciate that it
is a life skill, not unlike reading and writing - it is not an 'opt-in' activity. It is essential. Read more...

Womens Atributes

We are now in a highly competitive economy where everything counts. It is no longer
enough just to be good; we need to be seen as great. In order to be successful at work
we need to make the most of our attributes and not be afraid to let them shine. Read more...

Nine Sucess Strategies

Nine success strategies used to build a personal brand. Read more...

Job Interview Tips

We all know that during interviews we are judged on the first impressions we give. You only
have a short time to get across to the interviewer the fact that you are somebody they need to
know.

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  "Job Number One for any marketer these days is competing for attention. Wherever you are. And once you've captured that attention, you've got to show you deserve it." - Kevin Roberts, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi  

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