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i-define understands that in business it is not 'what you know' or 'who you know' that counts it's 'who knows you' and 'how they know you to perform' that really matters.

i-define specialises in career management with a focus on business communication skills and personal branding and was founded in 2004 by Dawn Winder a London based Trainer, coach and professional speaker. i-define offers coaching and training to individuals and organisations, helping improve their success in the workplace.

Dawn has created a unique four step programme based on her background in sales, marketing, and recruitment. Using Personal Branding, self-promotion and coaching strategies she shows her clients how to quickly engage in mutually valuable conversations, pitch ideas, and to present with impact, relevance and confidence.

For individuals

As the job market has become more competitive the key to success is the ability to differentiate yourself from the competition by managing your career strategically.

Personal branding is a tool that i-define uses to be able to define who you are and what makes you distinct. 

Once you have established a message that gains attention and gets people engaging in insightful, meaningful conversations, it then gives others confidence in you, your work and your organisation.

You will create the reputation and credibility to achieve your career goals and to lead you to true job satisfaction and financial reward.

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For Businesses

Our speciality is training client-facing professionals, executives and managers to effectively communicate and present themselves within the workplace.

We believe that by delivering a compelling message, that aligns the values of company with employee, both the business and the personal brand will be strengthened and more opportunities to network, recruit and expand will become available.

The programmes we run are unique and the course content has been developed to a very high standard. We do not believe in standardised pre-packaged presentation skills training. We are a very fresh, creative, and innovative company. We use the latest in business communication techniques and are proud to be different.

Employee engagement - we help employees to take ownership of their own career development, helping them to thrive instead of survive in challenging times.

Talent Management – we help companies strengthen their employer brand though engaging their staff to manage their own career development.

Career Transition – we work with individuals to gain the confidence to promote themselves online and offline, whether they are seeking career change, self-employment or portfolio careers.

Career Management – we work with individuals to define what value they offer and to make sure they are seen by the appropriate people within their organisation and industry/sector.

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If you are a company that recognises that your corporate brand is more successful when aligned with your employee's personal brand, contact us to discover how you can increase retention, recruitment and the motivation and success of your team/employees.

If you are an individual looking to move forward in a competitive industry contact us today for more information about our consultancy and coaching.

We also work with organisations looking to give delegates the edge. Contact us today for more information about our workshops and seminars.

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  "Today the stakes have reached a new high. The social fabric is spread more thinly than ever. People are looking for new emotional connections." - Kevin Roberts, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi  

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